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Hello! My name is Liz and I am so happy you’re here. It’s nice to meet you!

This is the fourth iteration of this blog. First was 2013 as a way to document my cooking hobby when applying to medical school. Then while in graduate school in 2015 I started it again as a creative outlet and designed it around cooking my way through two cookbooks (The Kitchn and Thug Kitchen). In 2017, I worked in clinical research, and (thought I) had real free time to dedicate to cooking and blogging. Now it’s 2020, there is a global pandemic, and I’m stuck at home so I thought it would be a good time to give this another try.

This round you’ll find the recipes I try on my current journey. I’m new-ish to this, and look forward to sharing it with you along the way!

Thank you for visiting. It is my joy to share this with you.

about me

I have been cooking and baking since I was old enough to stand on a chair and reach the counter. My mom is entirely self-taught, but I was lucky enough to learn many of my skills from her. Since then I have grown in my cooking and continue to do so every day.

I graduated with my Masters of Science in Public Health in Epidemiology, worked in clinical research testing heart failure and then oncology pharmaceuticals, and now work in public health HIV surveillance epidemiology and love it. My side hustle is dog sitting (be ready for plenty of dog pics!).

In my free time, I love to read and watch Netflix.


All photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted. 

All recipes not created by me have information in the post crediting the creator.

Please credit me if you cite any of my original recipes and re-write the recipes in your own words for SEO purposes.

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